Are you tying or untying the knot?
Celebrating Adulthood?
Another year around the sun?

I’m now offering Yoga OR Sexercise classeses for your Fitness Expo, Dance Studio, Private Bachelorette Party or at home party~Ladies Night!

Celebrate yourselves, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!  Join us for this tasteful fun-filled, FULLY CLOTHED class!  Yes it’s a little workout but you’ll feel better for getting in touch with that side all too often, hide. (I’m talking about Sexercise here!)

You’ll find more of my sexercise classes, I exclusively teach, at the SEXOLOGY INSTITUTE & at THE LOVE SHACK BOUTIQUE & at SSM Fitness for the last 3 years in San Antonio!  With my degree in Sexology, I’d be happy to show you the fun things your body is naturally, meant to do. YES, my classes CAN be co-ed, men can do kegels too and we do these in a way that may surprise you. (you won’t be gawked at or pointed at, every pose is geared toward self discretion and exploration).

Book today and find out what the SUPER KEGEL™ is ALL about!  Don’t delay, add this fun TASTEFUL class to your unique event today!

What are the benefits of Kegels? Oh there’s several and they’ll only enhance what you’ve already, naturally got!

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