So, the health and fitness industry can be very confusing, if not overwhelming. Trying to decipher contradictory information, what works and what doesn’t? Quite often, our attempts at enticement to buy into the next fitness craze can leave anyone frustrated, bored, or injured.

When you work with me, it is simply about you. To begin your fitness transformation, your input is important to your success! Throughout your workouts and our sessions, your communication about your journey is important to your transformation.  All information is confidential.  I can travel to YOU, and my rates may surprise you!  They are less than a half hour massage that you’d pay for yourself (and you get a full hour of class!)

Personal Yoga/Pilates/Barre/Foam Rolling CLASSES:
Interested in trying out Yoga or Pilates mat but not in a gym or class setting?  Do you need to add a stretching regime into your body building?  Do you want to improve or comprehend yoga postures?  Would you like an opportunity to improve your fitness level and are unsure where to begin? I can help you! Sessions ARE affordable and you’re worth your time!  Recently, I was gifted with TWO supreme toning towers…you, truly benefit! The towers are portable and invaluable to allow me to offer you a personal Barre sessions, or Pilates sessions in your home, or at American Fitness Center, where we can schedule your personal, private session!

Interested in Foam Rolling?  I’ve taught several foam roll classes & offered private sessions with amazing results.  WHAT ON EARTH IS FOAM ROLLING?  Using a roller it allows for us to loosen up the connective tissue in our body increasing muscle flexibility, reducing pain, and allowing the body to recover faster.

The cylinder shaped foam rollers (some are smooth others are with interesting shapes and raised patterns designed to get into smaller muscles) they are made of varying densities, which can be used to vary the pressure applied.  In my rolling sessions you will learn a variety of different ways to use the foam roller.  Myofacial release using a foam roller can also help reduce the risk of muscular injuries, improve posture, and the overall well-being of muscles and joints! Foam roll sessions are also beneficial before and after weight training, cardio exercises, or other types of workouts.**YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN ROLLER


Email me at to discuss your needs, what you’re looking for and your availability.

** My rates vary upon your location, outside the I-35 corridor of New Braunfels and beyond.